Discover Income Shield

You want to enjoy your retirement without worrying about whether or not you will outlive your retirement income. Market Shield Plus and Income Shield can help by providing a stream of guaranteed income.

You can purchase Income Shield, an income benefit rider, for an annual fee, to complement Market Shield Plus.

Income Shield* provides a guaranteed minimum annual income withdrawal benefit to be made throughout your entire lifetime, even after your account value has been depleted.

You can begin receiving retirement income without annuitizing your contract. If you decide to stop receiving Income Withdrawals, you will have access to your full Cash Value.

You may elect to begin income withdrawals any time after the specified rider waiting period, as long as you meet the minimum age requirement (age 50).

As an added convenience, the annual rider fee will be automatically deducted from your account value.



* Income Shield must be purchased with Market Shield Plus. It cannot be added to the contract after the original purchase date. Please refer to contract for complete terms and conditions